Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sorry I've been gone, heres a "lazy cap"

Hey All,

Sorry I have been AWOL lately, I just havent been feeling too motivated lately. Thats not to say I wont be making new captions, but just that they will be made sporadically, at best.

Anyways, check out this hot video.

If I could cap it, it would read something like this: After spending six months in an underground feminization clinic that was built in a defunct World War II bunker in Greenland, Sam was finally ready to be auctioned off by his tormentors. He knew all the men loved the way his fat ass jiggled, and he tried so hard to make his butt stop quivering. He would stand there so tensely, tried so hard to flex his big bubble butt... but you can't flex fat, can you?

*watch with sound off


  1. Thanks for letting us know you're still here! I really enjoy your caps and taste in women! I also liked the video you suggested. If your having problems coming up with caption ideas, how about posting a list of your favourite stories or a few of your favourite photos?

  2. i find that asking people for requests or taking a break helps alot, or trying a diffrent style or subject

  3. Hey, your caps are really hot. So few people use full-figured women in their caps... it's a shame. I could do with more hardcore ones, though.